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💰Money Miracles meditation activation💰

🌈A reiki infused visualization

🧘🏾‍♀️Guided meditation

🧬 DNA activation

🕯Release scarcity

🍀Attune to the frequency of abundance 

🕊Create space for stillness


A tool for attuning your frequency to abundance.

Dedicate sacred space to the stillness. This meditation is to be used daily to open you up to receive beautiful bountiful blessings. This is encoded with reiki energy so it can heal traumas associated around money and self worth. The more you listen to it the more abundance you will open yourself to receive


This visualization will balance and restore your energetic grid.

I guide you through rewriting your dna to receive more abundance and release scarcity. 

It is coded with reiki energy to help your energy body feel lighter and freer.

Before listening to it create a sacred space and an intention to receive a message from your higher self, inner child, ancestors, and guides. 

Approx 10 minutes long.

After listening to it, journal your experience. Recall what you saw, heard, and felt. Drink a lot of water.

After you listened to it for a few days you can listen to it passively and let it intergrate. 

Light a white or green candle.


This is an MP3 file

use headphones


Money Miracles Meditation Activation

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