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Are you curious about shadow work, but don't know where to start? This 25 page e-book demystifies the illusive '"shadow work" in a worksheet with three simple steps. Along with simplifying shadow work we explore the astrological placement of Chiron, "the wounded healer". The Chiron in your chart can show you how you heal and what to heal. This information can help you in starting off your shadow work journey. The astrology lesson on chiron includes the mythology of chiron, how to find chiron in your birthchart, along with chiron in the zodiac signs and the houses. Additionally, this worksheet ebook contains a how to guide on shadow work. It also includes a detailed ritual, a worksheet, a list of feelings and affirmations to help you do the work efficently. This ebook has everything you need to be a shadow work pro.



- what is shadow work

- why do we do shadow work

- benefits of shadow work

-who is chiron

-how to find chiron in the birth chart 

-chiron in the signs

-chiron in the houses

-the shadow worksheet ritual

-the shadow worksheet 

-alternative options

-stop drop and shadow

-feelings list

-affirmations list


The ebook will be sent automatically through email after purchase. Make sure you input your correct email address at checkout. 

Chiron's cure: Shadow Worksheet Ebook

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