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Chakra Balancing 

Meditation Activation 

Reiki Infused Visualization into the 7 main chakras.

Full Moon in Libra Offering.

The Full Moon is exact on Sunday 3/28. I encourage you to listen to this meditation as often as you are called. It is timeless.


Release fear, self sabatoge, and scattered energy. 

Receive clarity, messages from your chakras, and energetic balance.


This visualization will balance and restore your energetic grid.

I guide you through connecting with each chakra to receieve messages from within. 

It is coded with reiki energy to help your energy body feel lighter and freer.

Before listening to it create a sacred space and an intention to receive a message from your higher self, inner child, ancestors, and guides. 

After listening to it, journal your experience. Recall what you saw, heard, and felt. Drink a lot of water.

Write a list of what you are ready to release and discard of it.

Light a white or purple candle.



Chakra Balancing Meditation Activation

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