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Yellow,Orange, or Pink Candle to receive beautiful, bountiful, blessings!! The colors are chosen at random. You may receive yellow, orange, or pink color candle. If you receive yellow you are connecting with your solar plexus chakra. This means you are needing to step into your personal power and let yourself be seen and heard. If you receive orange you are connecting with your sacral chakra. If you recieve pink you are connecting to the heart chakra. This means you are receiving inspiration and are needing to take time to explore the ideas brewing within you. 


The intention is to tap into divine abundance.

Light to increase confidence, courage, and creativity.

Stand in self love, and self devotion.

Perfect for pursuing passion or giving birth to a new chapter.

Happy Creating!


This candle is reiki infused and contains drops of ble$$ings potion, an herbal blend, and glitter.

Beautiful Bountiful Blessings Fixed Candle

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