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Collective Candle Reiki $12.12

(remote reiki)

Collective Candle Reiki

Libra New Moon

10/16  8pm est

8pm EST is the cut off for securing a spot.

This is remote reiki and candle magick that I developed from my ancestors and spirit guides. THIS IS NOT LIVE. THERE IS NO LINK. I send the reiki from my space and you receive it wherever you are. International Partipants OK. Reiki travels through time and space.

I am a reiki practitioner.

Focus: New Moon: Divine Justice. Protection.

Increase: aura, protection, trust in your intuition, light energy and a high vibration.

Release: fear, weak defenses, insecurity, density.

How to receive: Be open to receive with a simple prayer of intention before bed the night of the reiki. You can include your own candle, crystals, baths, flowers, and create a sacred space for you to receive the reiki. Please @ me on IG if you post your process. I love to see it. I also have an igvt video on how to receive candle reiki. THIS IS NOT LIVE. THERE IS NO LINK. DO NOT DM ME. Email only if you need me My Assistant handles all my emails so thank you for your patience. 

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Candle Reiki - $80

(remote reiki)

Reiki is energy healing.

I am trained in usei reiki and i intuitively use candle magick to enhance the energy healing.

 Each chakra is addressed through this healing modality.

The purpose is to restore any wounds, release any stagnant energy, and invite energetic balance back to your being.

This is a remote reiki session that I will email you about after you buy.

I will send you the energy at any time and email you with photos of the candles and a summary of your session and any intuitive messages I receive for you.

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